Israel abandons plans for major offensive in Rafah-Benko.

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Israel apparently abandons plans for a major offensive in Rafah: Israel has adapted its controversial military operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, to demands for limited operations from its US ally. “It’s fair to say the Israelis have updated their plans. They are taking into account many of the concerns we have raised,” a senior US government official said Wednesday night, according to the Times of Israel. More on this

Benko was interrogated by the U-Committee: Fourth attempt: Today (again) there is a prominent name in the red-blue U-team’s invite list for the covid fund. Cigna founder and bankrupt Rene Benko to testify. “Press” reports live from Parliament from 10am. More on this

SPÖ Support for Schilling: Green EU frontrunner Lena Schilling faces fresh allegations. It was denied and now gains support: Gabriel Hofbauer-Unterrichter, head of the SPÖ Alsergrund division, insists that the idea to join the left wing after the election did not come from Schilling, but from others during conversations with friends. “Offered as a joke”. More on this

Lena Schilling’s “Muhaha” puts Green in a double bind: Regardless of whether the party continues to support the leader on the list or not: the Greens have a problem in all situations, writes Philip Eisinger within it morning glow. More on this

100 years ago today Wrote “Neue Freie Presse” about the fairy tale of Empress Elisabeth’s daughter. More on this

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