Israel has reportedly agreed to a ceasefire

Israel According to the words US President Joe Biden Acknowledged during the Muslim month of fasting Ramadan Do not participate in the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Ramadan begins on the evening of March 10 and ends on the evening of April 9.

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In an interview with the broadcaster, Biden told the broadcaster that Israel had pledged to evacuate the town of Rafah on the border with Egypt before intensifying its fight against Hamas. NBC. A ceasefire would help the two countries work toward a settlement and contribute to the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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Biden: Israel May Lose Support

Biden also deplored the killing of a large number of Palestinians and said that if this continues, Israel will lose the support of the entire world. The interview was recorded on Monday and aired on Tuesday.

Earlier, while eating ice cream in New York on Monday evening, Biden confidently responded to a question from reporters about an imminent ceasefire between Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza war. “My national security adviser tells me we're close,” he said. We haven't reached our destination yet. “I hope there will be a ceasefire by next Monday,” Biden said. America has a close friendship with Israel.

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The U.S. government has been negotiating a new ceasefire for weeks that would, among other things, allow for the release of all hostages. However, it is uncertain whether international mediators will be able to negotiate such a deal by the start of the Muslim fasting month on March 10.

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The media had earlier reported that the difficult negotiations had not made progress. Israeli TV channels Channel 12 and Khan officials were quoted as saying that the negotiating framework proposed by mediators Egypt, Qatar and the United States contradicts Hamas's demands. Hamas accused Israel of adopting a blockade stance.

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Hamas has drafted a cease-fire agreement

According to an insider, as part of the cease-fire talks in Paris, Hamas has received a draft to suspend all military operations for 40 days. In addition, Israeli hostages will be exchanged at a ratio of ten to one for Palestinian prisoners in Israel, a senior insider close to the talks told Reuters. Under the proposed ceasefire, hospitals and bakeries in the Gaza Strip would be repaired and 500 trucks loaded with aid would be sent to the area each day, it said.

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