Israel says it killed 90 gunmen at Al Shifa hospital

The Israeli army has been engaged in military operations there since last week. Hamas fighters are said to be back there.

The Israeli military says it has killed 90 armed militants and arrested 160 militants at Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City. The army said this on Wednesday. Al Shifa Hospital was the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip and has housed displaced people since the beginning of the war. “Over the past day, our troops destroyed terrorists and recovered weapons in the area of ​​the hospital, while avoiding harm to civilians, patients, medical teams and medical equipment,” the army said in a statement.

Israel's search operation at the hospital began Monday morning. According to intelligence reports, special forces, infantry and tanks entered the area as militants re-armed the base.

Hamas control center

Israel was criticized last November for an operation on hospital grounds. According to its own information, the army discovered a tunnel system and a type of Hamas headquarters. Hamas has denied this.


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