“It's terrible”: Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to parents in US Senate

Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg He made the unusual gesture during a hearing in the US Senate to apologize to parents whose children were affected by using the company's online sites. “I'm sorry they had to go through all this,” Zuckerberg, 39, told family members in attendance Wednesday, some of whom had photos of their children. “It's horrible.”

The inquiry, which lasted several hours, dealt with issues such as the distribution of child pornography (images of extreme child sexual abuse) and bullying and social pressure, which can lead to eating disorders.

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Several social media bosses were invited

Zuckerberg was also invited to Washington TikTok-Chef Saucy Chev, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, Discord—Chef Jason Citron As well as the Head of online platform X (formerly Twitter), Linda Yacarino. As is often the case in such hearings, the senators leveled harsh accusations against the companies. In particular, they accused Zuckerberg's Facebook company, Meta, of ignoring the safety of children and young people in the pursuit of profits. This was rejected by Zuckerberg.

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Several bills are in the works in the US Congress that would, among other things, make it possible to hold online sites liable for knowingly distributing child pornography. Senators called on corporate bosses to support the bills. In the USA, online services are protected from liability for postings by users – but they must take action if they become aware of illegal and problematic content. Platforms, among others, use automated software to try to proactively filter out such posts.

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