Javier Mili was furious at Madrid

The ultra-liberal Argentine president is at a Spanish right-wing populist (Vox) campaign event for the European elections. Javier Miley Celebrated with particular joy. Along with his much-celebrated speech in Madrid on Sunday, the 53-year-old also caused a diplomatic scandal. Strongly criticizing Spain’s left-wing government, he called the prime minister’s wife Pedro SanchezBegoña Gómez, for “corruption”.

Miley didn’t mention Gomez by name, but the hint was clear. It wasn’t long before the Spanish government responded. He recalled his ambassador to Buenos Aires in Madrid for advice and “indefinitely”.

“A Frontline Assault on Our Democracy”

In announcing the move, Foreign Minister José Manuel Alvarez called it “a frontal attack on our democracy, our institutions and Spain.” Álvarez said it was unacceptable to insult the sitting president of Spain and the Spanish prime minister during his visit to Spain.

Violation of diplomatic customs

Miley violated diplomatic etiquette during her visit to Spain by refusing to return to Spain King Philip And to meet Sanchez. Instead, he campaigned alongside the Vox boss Santiago Abascal At the rally for his book.

With his speech Election campaign event Miley thrilled approximately 11,000 participants from Europe, America and Latin America. “Don’t do that damn cancerous socialism” to say. Socialism leads to “slavery or death,” and social justice is “always unjust,” shouted the guest speaker, who describes himself as an “anarcho capitalist.” The newspaper described Miley as being celebrated like a “rock star”. the world and other media the mood of the Palacio de Vistalegre. During Argentina’s performance, the crowd chanted “Freedom, Freedom” over and over again. “Thank you very much, Javier Mille, for the terror you have terrorized the left of the West,” said the Vox president. Abascal.

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Special guests

Participants included several high-profile right-wing, right-wing populist and national conservative politicians from abroad. Marine Le Pen French party Rassemblement National, Portuguese Andre VenturaDer Silene Jose Antonio Cast Also Israeli Minister of Social Equality, Amichai Sigli.

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Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloney It was celebrated loudly, accompanied by a speech via video. Head of Government of Hungary Victor Orban He sent a message calling the June 6-9 European Parliament election “a huge public outcry” against a Europe that encourages “massive illegal immigration” and “poisons our children with sexist propaganda”.

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