Jungle Camp 2024: Here's What You Need to Know About Sarah Kern

Jungle Camp 2024 As a young model, she fell in love with a star designer: here's what you need to know about Sarah Kern

Sarah Kern is going wild camping in 2024


She spent years in the spotlight with her first husband, fashion designer Otto Kern. Sarah Kern now lives alone in Malta. The 55-year-old is now back camping in the jungle.

The new season of the RTL format “I'm a star – get me out!” Starts on January 19. The show will once again be held in Australia. RTL brought twelve more or less important participants there. The severe Introducing them one by one. Today: Sarah Kern.

Profile: Sarah Kern, designer

date of birth: December 5, 1968
Residence: Malta
marital status: In a relationship
Known for: Her marriage to fashion designer Otto Kern, who died in 2017

Huge success

Sarah Kern was born in Cologne to a German father and a Danish mother. At 17, she moved to Milan and Paris to work as a model. In the French capital he met the German star designer Otto Kern in the late eighties. Their son Oliver was born in 1993. The couple got married two years later. After her divorce in 1999, Sarah Kern created her own business under her ex-husband's last name. She designed fashion and jewelry collections and was one of the most successful stars of the German home shopping industry.

Why is she going to jungle camp?

In 2018 he moved from Germany to Malta – and for financial reasons, Kern had to file for personal bankruptcy. She wants to attract attention again with her appearance in the forest. “Germany has forgotten Sarah Kern. Now I want to be back,” he says. He wants to present a new side of himself and act as a team player. “In the forest I show the strong, likable Sarah, not the rich bitch she used to be.” Kern is honest: She needs the money.


  • After her failed marriage to Otto Kern, the 55-year-old married twice more. These marriages also did not last. Now she says: “Marriage – I swear – will never happen again.”
  • His youngest son Romeo was born in 2007 and is from his second marriage to Coron Munizaba.
  • In 2020, Sarah Kern released her autobiography titled “Life”.
  • In 2022, Kern was knighted in Rome, the world's oldest military order. She now bears the title “Dame of Magisterial Grace Sarah Kathryn Kern.”
  • Sarah Kern shakes her bottom to sleep.

Who else is going to Jungle Camp 2024?

“I'm a celebrity – get me out of here!” The twelve participants are:

  • Anya Elsner (20), model
  • Layla Lahore (27), Bachelor-Canadian
  • Kim Virginia (28), reality star
  • Cora Schumacher (47), model and racing driver
  • Lucy Diakowska (47), pop-star
  • Sarah Kern (55), designer
  • Twenty4Tim (23), influencer and singer
  • Fabio Ness (30), reality starlet
  • Mike Heider (31), reality-star
  • David Odonkor (39), retired national player
  • Felix von Jascheroff (41), star of GZSZ
  • Heinz Hoenig (72), actor


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