Karmasin was found legally guilty and his sentence was commuted

The Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of former family minister Karmasin for anti-competitive agreements, but reduced the sentence from 15 to ten months. “Press” reported live from the Palace of Justice.

In May 2023, Sophie Garmasin was found guilty. Today, March 6, 2024, the former family minister's conviction for anti-competitive agreements is final. A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court (OGH) headed by Rudolf Lasik found Karmazin guilty in the case. However, since he was “innocent for life” and had already “realized the evil of imprisonment” while in custody, he was a first-time offender, so the sentence had to be reduced: instead of 15, Karmazin now received ten months on parole. Imprisonment. His acquittal on serious fraud charges was confirmed.

The OGH Senate thus rejected both the defense annulment complaint against the conviction and the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's (WKStA) annulment complaint against the acquittal. Karmasin, who is currently being investigated in connection with the so-called ÖVP publicity scandal, did not appear in person at the court hearing due to ill health.

What or what criminal case ended today? The three studies the now 57-year-old prepared for the Sports Ministry after quitting the Union government. In WKStA's view, Karmasin won the contract by getting two competitors – including his former employee Sabin Beinchop, who is now a witness – to submit offers that were agreed in advance but were too expensive to guarantee themselves. Take the received contract. In fact, he prepared two courses for ministry. According to the first court, this was “illegal in any case”.

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Karmasin's defense lawyer, Norbert Wess, of course, assessed the matter differently: the ministry wanted Karmasin as a contractor, so there was no real competition, argued today in May 2023. “I don't want to blow things up here,” he said, but the way the ministry acted was strange. That's why things turned “unfortunate”. However, the panel of judges did not follow this argument. Live ticker to read:

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