LEAF Manufacturing Software: SaaS platform for metal 3D printing

Young company LEAF Manufacturing Software It wants to take additive metal manufacturing to a new level with a software solution from Germany. The self-developed all-in-one platform aims to map the entire process chain from management to production for the first time.

According to the company, the tailor-made SaaS solution enables, among other things, detailed calculation of unit costs, planning of machine utilization, calculation of annual component quantities and simulation of production times for different computer configurations.

The heart of the system is a patented component that correlates the technical characteristics of printed parts with key business metrics. For example, it provides information about which printing parameters can be used to meet quality specifications at the lowest cost. This allows the user to optimize productivity individually.

LEAF aims to significantly increase the competitiveness and sustainability of metal 3D printing. The software is therefore specifically targeted at manufacturing companies that want to expand and improve their existing manufacturing system with additive processes.

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