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When you think of Austrian lotteries, the first thing that comes to mind is the “6 out of 45” lottery game. Apart from these classics, there are many more attractive lottery games waiting to be discovered. Toto, a specialty A highlight for football lovers, is one of them and offers an opportunity to test your football knowledge and your luck in equal measure. But what do they really look like? Odds of winning in Toto? In this article we take a closer look at the winning odds and tell you what you can expect.

How does Toto work?

Dodo is about… Predicting the results of football matches. Although toto is by definition a game of chance, expert knowledge is not a disadvantage: knowing the form of the teams and the current playing conditions, the weather or suspensions of individual players can help your luck a little. It is necessary to determine its end with a full end 13 playing football From a program that includes 18 games. The first 5 are Competitive games And to type. You choose from 13 other games 8 – Called Election Game – Out. For each match you predict a home win (1), away win (2) or draw (X). In addition to the standard license, options are also available Systemscheinsof Toto TeamTipsProfessional quick tip and quick tip to improve your betting luck.

How do you win at Toto?

To win at Toto you need a minimum Predict 10 out of 13 games correctly. are in total Five prizes, who divide the entire winnings among themselves. Each prize tier earns a certain percentage of the total prize pool. This may sound complicated at first, but it can be summed up very simply:

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1. Wrong: 13 correct predictions, 50% Total wins

2. Wrong: 12 correct predictions, 27% Total wins

3. Wrong: 11 correct predictions, 6% Total wins

4. Wrong: 10 correct predictions, 12% Total wins

5er bonusrange: Predicted all 5 matches correctly, 5% Total wins. 5 bonus is also given as an additional bonus for the other 4 prize levels.

die Total winsYou can destroy Varies for each game round. Why? It’s simple: winnings are derived primarily from player stakes, which fluctuate from round to round. Prize draw winnings will be divided among all lucky winners of this draw. If no one has the right tips on the winning rankings, there will be excitement as this amount is calculated Jackpot Directly added to the next round – so the winning amount increases!

Probability of winning toto

Although Toto is a game of chance with clear odds of winning, your specific knowledge of the playing teams and their activities will improve your chances of making correct predictions. If predictions Selected at random For example, with a quick tip, the probability of a prediction being correct is about 33%. The probability of winning a prize draw is as follows:

1. Wrong: Chance of winning 0.0000627%, Odds of winning 1:1,594,896

2. Wrong: Chance of winning 0.00163%, odds of winning 1:61,320

3. Wrong: Chance of winning is 0.0196%, odds of winning are 1:5,110

4. Wrong: Chance of winning 0.1435%, winning odds 1:697

5er bonusrange: Chance of winning 0.411%, winning odds 1:243

Of course, the higher the prize category, the rarer the wins. But a little note on the side: results In fact, football games are not random, so the probability of a correct tip cannot be accurately predicted and it remains exciting until the final whistle. Nevertheless, this little insight can help you get the best one A sense of your chances of success To develop.

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A goal was bet as an extra chance

If you want to test your instincts beyond the toto tip, you can also place things like target bets Another chance to win Open. That’s about it Correct final scores of games Prejudice. Here too, there are win rankings depending on the number of correct target bets:

1. Wrong: 5 correct predictions

2. Wrong: 4 correct predictions

3. Wrong: 3 correct predictions

4. WrongA three-time streak: 5 correct target bets + 13 correct full tips. A hat-trick winner gets at least one in each round A profit of €100,000.

Play with perspective

Toto offers one Plenty of gaming optionsAllowing players to adopt their own tactics, from arbitrary quick tips to strategically sophisticated system tips. Details about each game variant See Toto Game Instructions. You can pick up your Toto game program and betting slip at any accepted location or conveniently try your luck online Are you interested? More insight into your chances of winning Different games? In our lottery stories you can expect exciting numbers statistics, detailed information about individual games and interesting background stories.

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