“Luziwuzi” im Rabenhof: Queer, Gallant – Fulminant

If you haven't heard of this descendant of the House of Habsburg, that's no problem. “Luciusi,” as the younger brother of Emperor Franz Joseph was called, has been largely erased from history. Because he's gay. This was tolerated until the press reported on a scandal at the bathing establishment. Following his exile to Salzburg, Ludwig Victor lived in seclusion in Kleiheim until his death from dementia at the age of 76.

Director and writer Ruth Brauer-Kvam and Fabian Pfleger unravel a life between fascination and strangeness, oppression and abuse in their biographical retelling. Ludwig Victor looks back in a daze. You see a child pampered and spoiled by his mother who suffers from a strict upbringing at court, a young man pushed into a brothel by his lively dancing brothers for compulsive pleasure, an adult. Loneliness… ephemera, forbidden affairs and luxury.

Kyrre Kvam creates an expressive live accompaniment sound. The only objection is the platform. Michaela Mandel has created a bath establishment with a shimmering curtain, photographic wallpaper and a sunken pool. When things are happening there, it's hard to see anything. This is very unfortunate. For example, when Tom Neuwirth allows little Luciussi to feel lonely on his rocking horse.

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Neuwirth brilliantly manages to transition from a flirtatious, cheeky young man to a dashing, amorous eccentric. As a lover, he lets you feel real emotions, mesmerizing with beautiful built-in lyrics, and this song pays homage to his character. , qualifies you for greater things. The Year of the Ostrich calls for such figures! Florian Karov masterfully embodies the mother and the emperor. Sebastian Wendel is charming as a lover and a true Berliner. Gerhard Kasal complements it well. The quartet easily compensates for weaknesses in piece structure and is appreciated by all involved.

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