Major alarm: fire in Rohrbach town square


A fire in the town square in the town of Rohrbach-Berg caused great alarm in the middle of the night. 13 fire departments with 250 firemen have been fighting the fire since 2 am. One person died in the fire.

Dramatic scenes took place in the town square of Rohrbach-Berg (Rohrbach district). When the firemen arrived at the scene, a man was lying on the pavement with serious injuries and died shortly after. The fire broke out at apartments, an Asian restaurant and a guest house around 2 am on Wednesday. According to Rohrbach Fire Department Operations Manager Martin Wagolbinger, it was a one-room fire. Flames were coming from several windows on the upper floor.

Flames shoot out the window

Martin Scarringer / Fotokershi

A fire broke out on the top floor

The resident wanted to jump out of the window

One resident wanted to jump out of the window. However, emergency services were able to stop this at the last moment and use a turntable ladder to bring the man to safety. Fire crews tried to put out the fire inside the building, but had to retreat as parts of the house threatened to collapse.

The house had to be evacuated

Several tenants and guests of the guest house located at the rear of the building were escorted to the city office. A total of 14 people were cared for by the Red Cross. The crisis intervention team was also discontinued.

Flames shoot from the top floor

Martin Scarringer / Fotokershi

The work to break the dam is expected to last until the afternoon

Neighboring homes are at risk

Firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to a nearby bakery and glass factory. Not much is missing, says Fire Chief Martin Wagolbinger. The first firefighters were now able to get back inside. The fire department said the operation would last until noon.

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