Mariahilf: AIDS for Hilf Vienna campaigns against stigma

On March 1, Zero Discrimination Day will be held for the tenth time. On this occasion, Aids Hilfe Wien invites you to an expert discussion.

Vienna/Mariahilfe. In 2014, Zero Discrimination Day was launched by UNAIDS, the United Nations program against HIV/AIDS. Since then, March 1 has been used to show solidarity with those discriminated against because of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or other characteristics. And the Aids Aid Vienna The day has been celebrated in the Mariahilfer belt for ten years.

As part of the anniversary, he is hosting a panel discussion on the stigmatization of people living with HIV. Also on display will be a photography exhibit called “Going Viral” by photographer Christopher Klettermeiers. The organization invites you to a party with a DJ set.

Against prejudices

The event starts at 5pm and is free to enter. You can register at [email protected] until February 28th. Also the head of the Mariahilf district Marcus Rumelhardt (SPÖ) will participate and donate to the youth project “Sexual Health Prevention for Queer Youth”.

“On the Zero Discrimination Day on March 1, we want to take a clear stand against prejudice and ignorance. Experiences of discrimination cause significantly bigger problems for HIV-positive people than the health restrictions that can be caused by the infection,” explains Andrea Bruner. Director of AIDS Help. “We fight to see discrimination and reduce prejudice.”

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