Maxus doubles down on its offering with eDeliver 7 and eDeliver5

“We're driving electric mobility forward in commercial vehicles.”

This year, Maxus is taking the next step, with the market introduction of a third battery-electric van in the first quarter: with a vehicle length of 5.3 meters, the eDeliver 7 fills the gap between the already available models 3 and 9. The Chinese newcomer's loading space offers plenty of space with dimensions of 2.91 x 1.80 x 1.32 meters, and a maximum payload of 1055 kilograms. The electric motor delivers an output of 150 kW/204 hp and a torque of 330 Newton meters. From market launch, the eDeliver 7 will be available as a front-wheel drive version, and an additional all-wheel drive variant will complete the range later in the year.

The three-seater's drive battery has a capacity of 88 kWh, enabling a range of up to 360 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. Manufacturer-specified charging times average 43 minutes for direct current (20 to 80 percent) and 9.3 hours for alternating current (5 to 100 percent) with 11 kW of charging power.

The second newcomer to the range, the Maxus eDeliver 5, is expected in mid-2024.

The vehicle is 5.2 meters long, which is shorter than the 7 Series, but the cargo space is actually slightly longer at 3.1 meters. This is made possible by the relatively long wheelbase of the van.

Its performance data: 120 kW/163 hp, 240 Newton meters of torque and front-wheel drive. Prices may range between the eDeliver 3 (net 24,950 euros) and the eDeliver 9 (net 38,500 euros).

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