Meeting point am Hirschengrun & Hotel Zum Hirschen

“Hotel Zum Hirschen” is familiar to many people in Salzburg – after all, the long-standing traditional business run by the Wallmann family since 1830 traces its origins back to the 15th century. Now in its eleventh generation, the hotel is located at the intersection of Elisabethstrasse and Saint-Julien-Strasse and is now run by Katharina Richter-Wallmann and her husband Nicolas.

The hotel is integrated into the overall plan.”In Hirschengrun“. The Group consists of: Hotel Zoom Hirschen, apartments, studios, restaurants and an impressive garden, plus parking in the Hirschengrunn underground car park. Being just a few minutes' walk from Salzburg main station and easily accessible by trolleybus, the location is absolutely buzzing for public transport.

With the visionary ideas of the host couple, the completely renovated “Alten Hirschen” became a 4-star boutique hotel made of sustainable wooden construction with modern architecture and stylish design. The Hotel Zum Hirschen has 100 rooms, furnished as places of stylish relaxation by Salzburg interior designer Pia Clodi. Classic single-room guest rooms and studios, apartments and junior suites with private sauna or two-story garden suite with access to terrace and garden. Am Hirschengrün Group is rounded out with 42 condominiums and two ground floor studios. By: Konstanz, Mozart's widow, once lived in Hirschen. How do you know that? Because she hasn't paid her bills and is in debt.

When it comes to cuisine, Hotel Zum Hirschen is a true paradise for gourmets and food lovers. Start with breakfast classics with an Austrian player, which you can enjoy on the terrace in the countryside when the weather is nice. to the sociable Hirschen Bar, which invites guests for coffee and cake, Austrian wines and beer, a classic cocktail or a glass of cremont. Martin Eder is responsible for the house's food concept, which has a clear focus on sustainable and local produce. He also has his deli, which is vegan-vegetarian Open it“Am Hirschengrün” transferred to the urban district.

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Furo: Veggie Brunch & Diner is great

Honest food prepared with love, creatively served on the plate or in your hands, hospitably decorated and rounded off with a relaxed atmosphere are the ingredients that make up Martin Eder's culinary concepts. At the new location of his vegetarian restaurant Furo in Salzburg, this combination is served to perfection. As usual, there is excellent Tel Aviv-inspired cuisine with Italian-French-Greek influences. You can't miss Martin Eder's sourdough bread in various variations! Especially clever: the dishes are designed to be shared, but can also be enjoyed wonderfully alone. Levantine brunch specials are served from 10:00am to 6:00pm, followed by the dinner menu; Furo Am Hirschengrün is open until 10:00 p.m.

Am Hirschengrun | Hotel Zoom Hirschen | Furo
Elizabeth Strauss 5
5020 Salzburg
D Hotel Zoom Hirschen: #43 662 23 49 40
De Furo: +43 676 572 7687
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