More than 100 people died and dozens went missing

After Too much rain I am South of Brazil The people of the area are fighting against the water. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, large swaths of land were inundated, streets and homes flooded. Local civil defense announced Thursday that 107 people had died as a result of the storm. Rio Grande do Sul Governor Eduardo Light wrote, “The impact and scale of the flood is devastating.

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Leet said his government thinks reconstruction will require at least 19 billion reais (3.4 billion euros). “We must not allow bureaucracy to prevent us from helping the people of Rio Grande do Sul,” he wrote.

754 wounded, 134 missing

According to civil defense, 754 people have been injured and 134 are still missing. More than 1.7 million people were affected by the floods in 431 cities in the region. More than 395,000 people have fled their homes and sought safety with relatives or in emergency shelters.

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Electricity and water supply were cut off to many communities in the disaster area. Telephone and internet connections were also cut off in several cities. The Air Force brought relief supplies including medicine, water treatment plants and food to the area.

The horse got stuck on the roof

The town of Canoas was particularly hard hit. “The city has been destroyed. We lost 19 out of 27 health centers and four out of five district pharmacies were destroyed,” Mayor Jairo Jorge said on Globo TV. “All the schools have been damaged, we’ve lost infrastructure and sports centers and everything has to be rebuilt.”

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Scores of firefighters and civil defense officials battled the flood. A horse was rescued from the roof of a house in Canoas on Thursday. As seen on television, the animal was stunned and brought ashore in a rubber dinghy.

Brazilian weather service INMET has forecast more heavy rain in the region from Friday to Sunday. Rio Grande do Sul Civil Defense has warned of heavy rains and strong winds of up to 90 kilometers per hour in most parts of the state. There was also a risk of heavy rain with thunder and lightning.

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“Rainfall in the Rio Grande do Sul has broken all records. The data shows that the entire state received the most rain in five months within 15 days, and a new cold front with more rain is predicted,” meteorologist Carlos Nobre told the state. News agency Agência Brasil. “Although it won’t rain as much as last week, river levels will remain high and people in low-lying areas will continue to struggle with flooding.”

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More recently, intense heat

Brazil has been hit by extreme weather several times recently. For example, at the end of last year, the really humid Amazon region shrieked under a once-in-a-century drought and extreme heat. The water level of many rivers dropped drastically and many animals died.

Extreme weather events, such as floods, occur naturally from time to time in the south of Brazil. According to scientists, climate change is increasing both the frequency and intensity. “Climate change – global warming caused by the greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere – is the reason extreme events are becoming more common and breaking records,” said Brazilian meteorologist Nobre.

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