Mother and child thrown from bus: According to Wiener Linnion, no…

According to Wiener Linnion, the man felt his attention was so limited by the screaming child that he could no longer operate the bus safely.

A bus driver on Route 13A ejected a mother and her child from the bus on Tuesday. “The Press” reported that he could not drive like that. Viner Linnion investigated the incident and concluded that there was no misconduct by the driver.

The woman boarded the bus at Ulzer Strasse, the baby was already crying and sometimes screaming a little. Attempts by the mother and other passengers to calm him down were unsuccessful. After three stops, the bus driver grew tired of the noise level. He stood up and pointed to the woman across the crowd: ‚ÄúThere you are. “We have to leave with a screaming child,” he said. Passengers protested: “Are you serious?”, “Unbelievable!”, “That’s a child”.

The driver can eject passengers from the bus

A spokesperson for Wiener Linnen told APA they had spoken to the driver. His concentration was so low that he could no longer drive the bus safely. The spokesperson had already explained to “Journal” on Tuesday that bus drivers generally have the right to eject passengers from the vehicle – for example if there is an immediate danger, the passengers feel unsafe or the driver is disturbed in doing his job.

Drivers are responsible for the safe transportation of passengers. The speaker said that this was one of the reasons why the bus driver behaved properly. (edition)

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