Moving soon – big steps towards a new car dealership in Zwettl

Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Zwettl is proud of the progress made in the construction of the new car dealership on Pater Werner Deibl-Straße. As planned, the Raiffeisen car dealership is scheduled to open at the end of June – after a year of construction. The warehouse offers 200 square meters of showroom space for car brands Peugeot, Opel, Jeep and Fiat, sports car brand Abarth and a range of commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

The building will have a dedicated vehicle distribution zone and will also integrate a separate department with two lifting platforms for testing and evaluation of vehicles for purchase. Processing of newly delivered vehicles will also take place here.

A place for new and used cars

All new car sales for the districts of Gmünd and Waidhofen are controlled from Zwettl. “We prepare around 600 new cars here every year,” says sales manager Johan Kolm proudly. In addition, the Raiffeisen car dealership sells 800 used cars per year. This large number of cars will find enough space under the building, as the hillside location of the property has been optimally utilized for this purpose, and thus a covered car parking space has been created.

The new car dealership will employ seven people permanently in sales, five to six people in administration and production, and one automotive technician. A registration office has also been established here under the slogan “Buy, Register, Drive”. Next to the building, a gantry car wash – similar to the Sirnauer flats – is available to the public. Additionally, two spear washing systems will be constructed.

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Architecture designed and built by RLH team

At Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Zwettl, employees are not only developed through several apprenticeships. All departments were involved in this building. “The timber frame building was planned and built by our own department,” says managing director Wolfgang Hausler proudly. Raiffeisen warehouse departments are also used for areas of pellet heating, installations and interior work. Glass elements, concrete elements and earth moving were outsourced to external companies. In total, the building will cost around five million euros, including laundry facilities.

Interior work is now progressing rapidly: tiles are laid, walls are filled and painted and plumbing is installed. The move from Syrnauer Platz to Pater Werner Deibl-Straße will take place gradually – sales manager Johann Kolm promises that sales will be seamless. The auto repair shop at Sirnavar Flats will be expanded.

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