Negotiations are underway to restore air links to Frankfurt

Noise pollution near the airport – Request to apply for noise protection funding from Innsbruck Airport

  • A solution for air connectivity to Frankfurt should be found soon
  • Connections to other international airports are also discussed

The success of this year's winter is also reflected in the number of passengers at Innsbruck Airport – last week 500,000 passengers in 2024 were already counted. “Innsbruck Airport is an important location factor for the local economy and also contributes significantly to the mobility needs of the population,” asserts the State Council for Participation, Tourism and Economic Affairs. Mario Gerber And adds: “An airport connects us to the world – and the world to us. At the same time, such infrastructure is also associated with noise pollution, especially for residents. Care should always be taken to avoid flights in the evening or at night as much as possible. Flight times are observed as best as possible, although delays and arrivals Delays cannot be ruled out. However, I can assure you that people's concerns and fears are being taken seriously.” For those affected, Innsbruck Airport is providing funds to replace windows and noise-insulating ventilators. This is provided to people living in an area with typical aircraft noise above 60 decibels.

Ambition to restore air links to Frankfurt

“To re-open the now closed gate to the world through Frankfurt”. LR Gerber is currently in serious discussions with the airlines: As of yesterday, April 1, 2024, the flight connection between Innsbruck and Frankfurt was temporarily canceled by the airline provider Lufthansa. This is due to lack of capacity. to LR Gerber is clear that the connection to the Frankfurt hub needs to be restored as soon as possible, as he emphasizes: “In 2023 alone, almost one million passengers will be flown from Innsbruck to destinations in various countries. A considerable part of them traveled from Innsbruck to Frankfurt. The direct air connection between Innsbruck and Frankfurt plays an important role for economic development and international exchange in Tyrol. That is why I regret the cancellation of this important flight link and have since done my best to improve the situation in the interests of the location.

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Negotiations with airlines are ongoing

We are currently working on a solution to resume flight connections. “Shortly after the cancellation became known, discussions took place with representatives of various airlines, including Lufthansa, about resuming the flight connection,” it explains. LR A tanner. “Furthermore, other international airport hubs served from Innsbruck are being discussed – to ensure connections to more distant countries. In the interest of the business community, residents and guests, this should be resolved as soon as possible,” he said. LR Gerber concluded.

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