New AK on Martin Ho

In December 2023, AK had already drawn attention to suspicious events surrounding Martin Howe's Dodds group. AK lawyers found suspicious changes in the shareholder and managing director structure of some Tatts companies. “Dots” was dropped from the company name and the owner and managing director were replaced.

According to AK, all of these companies are now bankrupt (Bao Lynn Flowers GmbH formerly Dots Nussdorf GmbH; Rixi Seven Personalverwaltung GmbH formerly Dots Establishment GmbH; Rixi One Personalverwaltung GmbH formerly Dots at The Leo Grand GmbH). The affected employees have been waiting for the money for months.

Statement of facts submitted

AK currently represents 44 employees who were or are still working at HG Operating after the transfer of operations from Rixi One and Rixi Seven. This includes outstanding claims of around 240,000 euros. AK also submitted a factual statement to the public prosecutor.

Ludwig Dvorak, Head of Labor Law Consulting and Legal Defense, A.K. Vienna: “Some companies are causing high costs to the welfare state through questionable business models. Examples such as the former companies of Dodds Group, Cigna or Hygiene Austria show this. They avoid social security contributions or pass their wage costs on to the general population through bankruptcies.

Another Dodds company – HG Operating GmbH (formerly Ho Gallery) – is said to have taken over most of the staff employed by the now insolvent companies. According to HG operating partner Dots Beteiligung Gmbh and AK Martin Ho still holds 49 percent of the shares. Practically nothing has changed for employees after the takeover.

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AK goes to court

Hence the place of work and the area of ​​operation were often the same. You can still reserve a table in the restaurant of the Leo Grand Hotel or in the restaurant on Mariahilfer Strasse via the Dotz Group website. The menus have not been revised, the external appearance has remained unchanged and there is not even an end date. In short: Nothing significant changes for staff or guests. According to AK Vienna, this refers to the so-called transfer of functions.

In the event of a business transfer, the new employer takes over the employment relationship with all rights and obligations – including outstanding wages and outstanding holiday and Christmas bonuses. According to AK, Dodds Group has assumed that the bankruptcy compensation fund will pay the outstanding fees. However, this is not the case in a business exchange like the one Chamber of Labor found.

Compensation for data breach

Employees who previously worked for Rixi Seven or Rixi One and are now working for HG Operating will be left hanging. The labor union is taking her back to court. It supports the affected employees by disbursing their outstanding wages from the AK Guarantee Fund.

At least two restaurants in the Dodds group (Leo Grand Restaurant and Dodds Mariahilfer Strasse) use palm scans to record time. AK has already submitted a complaint to the Data Protection Commission about a similar issue in 2020: at that time, employees working in Plachuta had to sign their time records with a palm scan. The complaint has now been upheld by the Data Protection Commission and the Federal Administrative Court.

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Dodds sees “baseless allegations”.

The Dodds Group found “baseless allegations” in a broadcast. “Merging companies with the Dodds Group, which has not been within its sphere of influence for some time, shows a lack of economic understanding. The purely politically motivated rebellion of the Chamber of Labor and Hygiene Austria or the structured connection with Cigna can only be characterized as an election campaign farce,” the broadcast said.

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