New free text-to-3D software for CAD modeling

A new AI software called CADScribe It promises to create 3D models from text descriptions – for free. As one of the first tools of its kind, CADScribe focuses on creating technical CAD components.

ChatGPT-like functionality is available with natural language input. The user describes the desired component in one sentence, after which CADScribe attempts to create the 3D geometry. At the current stage of development, the possibilities are still limited to relatively simple shapes such as perforated plates.

CADScribe's developers are already working on several extensions. Projects include an API for model generation, parametric models with adjustable dimensions, and iterative model optimization by specifying additional commands.

CADScribe already responds at a pleasing speed and creates most models in seconds. The free offer is the first to help gather user feedback during the development phase. Whether a pricing model will be introduced in the future remains to be seen.

With CADScribe, a new form of AI-supported modeling enters the market, specifically aimed at technical CAD applications. We have provided many similar AI tools for creating 3D models in the past.

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