New LG OLED TVs: Prices and Availability

As part of CES 2024 in early January, manufacturer LG also got involved, introducing a new model series of OLED televisions. The new devices with the names B4, C4, G4 and M4 come with different screen diagonals and they can certainly achieve more than the old models, for example, brightness, refresh rate and hardware equipment. According to NotebookCheck reports, the pricing and availability of the new OLED TVs is now known.

LG OLED: B4, C4, G4 and M4 with prices and launch windows

However, release dates are somewhat firm, so the C4 and G4 TVs will appear first in April, followed by the B4 models in May, while the M4 OLED TVs will last until the second half of 2024. New OLED TVs cover screen diagonals from 42 to 97 inches, but no model series has all sizes without exception. The G4 and M4 OLED TVs should support 4K resolution at 144Hz up to 83 inches, while the 97-inch panels should only support up to 120Hz. The latter should be based on a micro lens array (MLA). New 150 percent HDR peak brightness.

42 inches 48 inches 55 inches 65 inches 77 inches 83 inches 97 inches
M4 4.999 Euro 7.299 Euro 9.699 Euro 34.699 Euro
G48 2.799 Euro 3.999 Euro 5.499 Euro 8.699 Euro 29.999 Euro
G49 2.799 Euro 3.999 Euro
C49 1.699 Euro 1.799 Euro 2.499 Euro 3.299 Euro 4.599 Euro 7.299 Euro
C48 1.699 Euro 1.799 Euro 2.399 Euro 3.199 Euro 4.599 Euro
C47 1.699 Euro 1.799 Euro 2.399 Euro 3.199 Euro 4.599 Euro 7.199 Euro
B49 1.899 Euro 2.799 Euro 4.299 Euro
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The new C4 OLED TVs are said to shine 30 percent brighter than their C3 predecessors. At the same time, the M4 and G4 should shine significantly brighter than the B series. The range of televisions also varies. The C4 OLED TVs are available in C47, C48 and C49 variants, while the G49 models come with a stand and the G48 models come with a wall mount. Additionally, the M4 TVs will come with a streaming box, according to NotebookCheck.

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Cheaper TVs start at 1,700 euros for the smaller screen diagonal and end at 34,700 euros for the 97-inch models. So if you want to install a kind of TV wall in your living room, you have to put a lot of money on the table – at least 30,000 euros. Customers should start doing this with the G4 next month. For more information on LG's new OLED TV series, check out our CES coverage article from earlier this year.

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