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News from May 2, 2024 in simple language

Ursula Von der Leyen is going to Lebanon today. He is the President of the European Union Commission. The EU Commission ensures the implementation of EU laws. The European Union wants to pay 1 billion euros to Lebanon. Lebanon to use EU money to build schools and hospitals In return, Lebanon must ensure that fewer refugees come to Europe. Refugees are people who leave their country because of war or hunger. In particular, Cyprus has seen an influx of refugees in recent weeks. Most of the refugees come from Syria. Syria has been at war for years.

Ralf Rangnick is the coach of the Austrian national football team. The German is the coach of the Austrian team from 2022. Recently there were reports that Rangnik will become the coach of the German football club “FC Bayern Munich”. “FC Bayern Munich” paid Rangnik a lot for this. But now Rangnick has decided: he will be the coach of the Austrian national team at least until 2026. The next World Cup is in 2026. The world’s best national teams play against each other in the World Football Championship.

In Austria, the number of unemployed is rising – more than 11 percent. Especially in the federal states of Upper Austria, Styria and Salzburg there are many without work. The big problem is that Austria’s economy is bad. For example, very few houses are built. ÖVP’s Labor Minister Martin Kocher says the economy will soon be a little better. According to Couture, there should be more jobs again.

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1.7 million people in Austria do not have enough money for food. Many people skip even one meal a day. Others can afford only unhealthy food. The young, the sick and the unemployed are particularly vulnerable. Parents also often worry that their children are not getting enough food. Aid organizations call for basic child protection. This means that parents have to receive money from the government for their children so that they can always buy enough food for their children. Experts also call for food in general to be affordable.

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