Normal sentence for Joseph Fritzel: No complaint from public prosecutor

The prosecution did not appeal. The decision of the Regional Court in Krems is therefore legally binding.

Almost two weeks ago, a panel of judges at the Krems Regional Court decided to conditionally release Joseph Fritz, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Amstetten scandal, from prison.

However, the written decision to transfer him to a regular jail is still not legally binding. On Monday, the state attorney’s office announced it would not file a complaint.

Speaker of the Authority Franz Hutter He shared this on Monday what– Interrogation with. So the decision of the three-member panel of the Krems Regional Court became final on Tuesday.

The three-judge panel’s decision, reported in writing on May 14, includes one The probationary period is ten years. This was based on Stein’s absence from a public hearing at the prison on April 30, at which expert Adelheid Kastner’s psychiatric report was also discussed.

The Senate resolved that Joseph Fritzl ‚ÄúThere is no more dangerA place in a forensic-treatment center is needed”. The decisive integrated personality disorder for admission was buried, so to speak, “due to an extensive, progressive dementia disease and physical decline”.

Judges’ Reasons

An 89-year-old has a reduced risk Not a criminal offense with serious consequences More is expected. Progression to chronic dementia is also considered. In reaching its decision, the three-judge panel based its decision not only on Costner’s psychiatric report, but also on forensic medical expertise and current findings.

A general conditional release from ordinary prison to freedom was also decided in mid-May. This is “Impossible for special preventive reasons”, it was said. In view of the “unprecedented criminal potential in relation to punishable acts”, “future freedom from crime” cannot be assumed.

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