ORF Big Opportunity – Mödlinger “Hard Buzzer” for “Truly Unique” Dancers

Singers are Josh. As well as ORF show “The Big Chance – Let's Sing and Dance” the fifth preliminary round was judged by Cesar Sampson and dance expert Maria Angelini-Santner. The trio rose from their seats, clapped enthusiastically, and Angelini-Santner gave the “hard buzzer”: a truly unique team is in the semi-finals.

Lisa Tadsper and Tom Palms – known for their choreography at Teatro (“The Little Prince”, 2017 and “Alice in Wonderland”, 2018) – touched the jury with the story they choreographed (“We are known for our special storytelling”).

“We adopted a rule,” says Tom Baums in an interview with NÖN. “If a professional dancer gets injured, his life is over.” Where the story comes from: A dancer (Julien) is in a wheelchair, dreams of being active again, and is brought back to reality by his mother. No wonder there were so many wet eyes among the judges and the audience, all to songs like Sheldon Riley's “Creep” (The Voice Australia 2018) and Bruno Mars' “Locked Out of Heaven”.

Truly unique ensured high quality performance.

ORF/Roman Zack-Kiesling, Roman Zack-Kiesling

The contribution to the semi-final will be “more emotional,” Poms declares: “Augen auf” focuses on the situation of children in the war: “So there will be more young people.”

The entire inspiration team is happy to be upbeat: “Our performance must have worked,” says Poms with satisfaction. Now you want to win. “We didn't even know there was money for it. We really wanted to show our art form to the public. You could “put 50,000 euros to good use” as an unfunded dance studio.

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Besides Vienna-Fünfhaus (Kranzgasse) and Korneuburg, the “truly unique” dance studio Mödlinger Gretel also operates a location in Sätz-Steig. The ORF preview report was also filmed there.

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A touching performance advanced to the semi-finals.

ORF/Roman Zack-Kiesling, Roman Zack-Kiesling

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