Overtime crime thriller in Bruneck: Bustertal ICE is in the quarter-finals

HC Pustertal won 4:3 after extra time against Olimpija Ljubljana and won the pre-playoff series 2:1.

Ljubljana takes the lead in a very serious decision by Bisevskis, who deflects a Pance long-range shot into the goal (6th). The Wolves are quickly back in their own hall: the puck bounced off the helmet of Vatu Catanachy past Ljubljana goalie Horak and towards the goal, equalizing for the Busterers (12th).

Less than 40 seconds later, Mandinger put the South Tyroleans in front with an artificial shot between his own legs (also 12th). Before the first period break, Mahkovec restored parity after 14 minutes with the third goal of the 16 series after a 2-on-1 split – 2:2.

Makovac put the Slovenians back in front midway through the half (26th minute), and more goals followed in the third half despite alternating pressure from Ljubljana and Pustertal: Friklund tanked to make it 3-3 (43rd minute). )

There was still no winner at the end of regular time and Ljubljana goalie Lukas Horak frustrated the South Tyroleans in extra time. It was only after 15 minutes of added time that Schofield fired his strong Wolves to victory.

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