Playoff opponent update: EC Salzburg – EC-KAC

The 2024 final series corresponds to a direct clash between the two clubs that have had the biggest impact on the win2day ICE Hockey League over the past two decades: in the last five years Each of the four championship titles awarded to EC-KAC or EC Salzburg, of the most recent 16 championships in the league, twelve have gone to one of the two clubs. One The last final in which neither Klagenfurt nor Salzburg took part took place 21 years ago, that is before the Bulls entered Austria's top division. The history of meetings between the two clubs in the postseason is correspondingly rich: EC-KAC and EC Salzburg met for the first time in the final in 2009. A total of nine times in the playoffs, each of these series took place in a best-of-seven format, with four events going the full distance. The Mozartstadt residents sat through five conflictsIncluding the youngest in last year's semifinals (4:1), by this Corinthian had four times Best decision for you. A Meeting in the final series However, this only happened on two occasions, each decided only in the seventh and final meeting in Klagenfurt: 2009 EC-KAC won 2-1 (Championship winning goal: Christophe Harand), 2011 EC Salzburg got revenge 3-2, with red jacket icon Thomas Koch getting the result in his last game for the Bulls before returning to his home club in extra-time.

Playoff record from KAC perspective: 4:5 series wins, 26:28 match wins, 153:168 goals

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