Presentation of the Simon Wiesenthal Prize 2023 in Parliament: Major Prize Dialogue Project “LIKRAT” (PK0243/03/12/2024)

Vienna (PK) – Dialogue project “LIKRAT – Let's talk!” The main prize of the Simon Wiesenthal Prize 2023 was awarded in Parliament this evening. National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka and Jury President Katharina von Schnurbeen presented the main prize worth 15,000 euros to the dialogue project. It unites Jewish and non-Jewish teenagers and young adults with the aim of dispelling anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic stereotypes and creating a sense of pluralism.

And prizes go to Spain and Austria

Asociación Cultural Mota de Judíos from Spain received the prize for civil society commitment against anti-Semitism. The Spanish village of Castrillo Madajudios – roughly translated as “Fortress of the Killing of the Jews” – officially changed its name to its pre-1632 name Castrillo Mota de Judeos (Mountain of the Jews) after a referendum and approval in 2015. Regional Government. Despite various hostilities, the village of about 50 residents continues to adhere to its decision to drop its offensive name and honor its Jewish origins.

Austria-based organization CENTROPA was honored for its civil society commitment to education about the Holocaust. The organization documents the memories of contemporary witnesses of the Holocaust and Jewish life before World War II. He was honored for his efforts to continue Holocaust education in Ukraine during the Russian occupation war.

Contemporary Witnesses from six countries were honored

Contemporary witnesses at the award ceremony include Helga Feldner-Bustin, Geno Friedman (USA), Octavian Fulab (Romania), Naftali Furst (Israel), Maria Gabrielson (Norway), Viktor Klein (Austria), Otto Nagler (Israel). Sasso (Austria), Lies Scheiderbauer (Austria) and Marion Tarski (Poland) were honored for their contribution to the prevention of anti-Semitism.

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This year the National Fund received nearly 200 applications from 30 countries. Last year, the Simon Wiesenthal Prize went to the Israeli initiative Zigaron Bazalon. It enables contemporary witnesses and interested parties to come together in a living room setting and survivors to share their memories of the Holocaust.

The Simon Wiesenthal Prize is dedicated to architect, journalist and author Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005). Wiesenthal shaped how the crimes of National Socialism were dealt with worldwide. (end) adu

Note: Photographs of the award ceremony and review of past events can be found on Parliament's web portal. Simon Wiesenthal Prize .

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