Prisoner escapes from Vienna hospital: Police in massive action

The prisoner had a hospital appointment. Now service dogs, Vega and the emergency department are searching for him.

An inmate at the Vienna-Josephstadt prison escaped during a hospital appointment on Friday lunchtime. The Vienna State Police Directorate confirmed the relevant online report in the free newspaper “Heat”. Police are searching for the man, along with multiple units from the Emergency Response Unit, Service Dog Department and WEGA. According to “Today” news he is said to be a hardened criminal.

The jailer was injured

Media reported that a prison guard was also injured. An inquiry into the background of the escape to the Ministry of Justice was also opened in the afternoon.

It was in November that a series of attempts were made to accompany medical appointments in Vienna and Lower Austria. In four out of five cases, the escaped prisoners were recaptured by the police. However, a 35-year-old inmate of Stein Jail is still on the run. The ministry has tightened checks and security measures at 21 establishments. (APA)

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