Regina Fritsch takes on rural crime investigations for the first time with Thomas Brenn

Filming for Marie Kreutzer's new Lower Austria film “Act” starring Verena Altenberger, Stefan Bohl, Hilde Dahlik and Jürgen Maurer in other roles.

Regina Fritsch as an investigator in the new folk crime thriller: after her first case “Four”, an average of 907,000 viewers with a market share of 28 percent at its ORF premiere in January 2022 will not want to miss, she is filming a new one. And the fourth Lower Austria movie “Acht” in the popular ORF series is back in action from Thursday, February 22, 2024 – he receives support for the first time in the investigation from Thomas Bren: the two dive together after death. A respected doctor – and , weapons collector, neo-Nazi heir and esoteric influence – entered the relevant scene. The already complex trial is not made easier by the two's personal difficulties, from unresolved traumas to an impending divorce that severely shakes their faith in love and partnership. If so, is a proper marriage possible for the victim?

The new rural crime thriller, co-produced by ORF and ZDF, is expected to be shown on ORF 1 in 2025.

Verena Altenberger, Stefan Pohl, Zeynep Buyraç, Alexander Strobele, Juergen Maurer, Hilde Dalik, Joshua Jagersberger, Lilian Rosskopf, Julia Cencig, Marcel Mohab and Eva Spreitzhofer will also play other roles in Laplon and Wie until the end of March. Camera among others. Mary Kreutzer is back to direct and write the screenplay.

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In Langenlois, Lower Austria, the respected and famous radiologist Dr. Harald Wolf (Stefan Pohl) is killed by a gunshot to the chest in front of his own home. As it turns out, the murder weapon was a historic handgun that came from the victim's own gun collection and was stolen a few months earlier. It doesn't take long for Detective Marian Geyer (Regina Fritsch) from the State Criminal Police Office and her colleague Patrick Brandl (Thomas Bren) on the site to learn that Wolf is not only a weapons collector, but also the son of a Neo. -Nazi and a profound influence, but his connections extend to the Austrian and German associated scenes. As multifaceted as this scene is, it's unclear whether Wolff, who leaves behind his wife Sandra (Verena Altenberger) and their son Heinrich (Lilian Rosskopf) — a perfect family — has made friends there.

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“Acht” is a co-production between Film AG and ORF and ZDF, produced with the support of FISAplus, TV Fund Austria (best bonus) and the state of Lower Austria.


And rural thriller excitement is already confirmed: “Bis in die Seele ist mir meine Kalt” (Carinthia), “Steirergift” and “Steirermord” (Styria), “To new shores” (Upper Austria) have already been filmed. It is expected to go on air in 2024. “The Dead Man in the Gorge” (Tyrol) and “Yesterday's Snow,” the first folk crime thriller from East Tyrol.

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