Review: 42 Percent Capital Gains Tax by Andrea Gdolski (Christian Trostle)

May 31, 2024, 2166 characters

ATX is at 11:45 +0.14 percent I am Further at 3657 points (End 2023: 3435, 6.46% Ydd). PIR Group’s top performers were Kapsch TrafficCom +2.23% to 8.71 euros, Polytech Group +1.74% to 3.51 euros and Marinemed Biotech +1.42% to 14.3 euros. In comparison, DAX: 18473 (-0.08%, end of 2023: 16751, 10.28% ytd).

May issues of #gabb are presented by IRW-Press (listen to the podcast with IRW boss Joe Brunner: ), which is about current news Spark Power: Spark Energy Minerals announces the commencement of an exploration program for its Brazilian concession portfolio

Review Podcast Thursday – Audio link for the episode. Ask:

– A holiday mashup with a live show on Stock Market Radio
– Using as an example the 42 percent capital gains tax in Austria

Andrea Gdolsky Former Minister of Health of the Republic of Austria and after many years the country’s most important health influencer: he talks about IT & CRM in health systems restructuring, process improvement in the hospital sector, health care, quality assurance, corporate health management. , patient empowerment and more. But it goes very close to my encounter: work at the DAX company Henkel, “business and health = prevention” approach, grew up on the same street as me and went to the same elementary school, podcasting and love here and there. Existential fears of being self-employed. And I agree with Andrea’s conclusion about her time at school: “There were a lot of us, we lived in competition, we wanted to stand out.” Another tip is the Darkroom podcast Andrea did with Michael Knigbuch in the background in front of an audience.
– Andrea on LinkedIn:
– With Michael Knickbuchs in the darkroom:

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(Input from Christian Trust for from May 31)


BSN Podcasts

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