Several people were killed in an attack on a hardware store in Kharkiv

At least one improvised explosive device hit a hardware store during a Russian air strike on the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. As President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on X (Twitter), at the time of the attack yesterday, about 200 people were in the market. Zelenskyj wrote of the “brutal attack” by the Russian army, which left “dead and wounded”. According to Mayor Ihro Terekhov, at least six people died and another 40 were injured in the hardware store. Video footage showed thick clouds of smoke billowing over the hardware store complex after the attack.

The Russian military later claimed that Ukrainian forces had hidden the cache of weapons in a hardware store. “In Kharkiv, the tactic of human shields is used – they (Ukrainians) have set up a command post in a military barracks and a shopping center, which was discovered by our intelligence service,” state agency TASS quoted an unnamed representative as saying. Russian leadership said.

Zelensky renewed his call for more anti-aircraft systems for his country. “If Ukraine has adequate air defense systems and modern fighter jets, such Russian attacks will be impossible,” he appealed to Ukraine’s supporters: “We need a significant increase in air defense and sufficient opportunities to destroy Russian terrorists.”

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