Shooting at single-family home: Two dead

Suspected murder and suicide in the district of Leoben in Styria. The state crime branch is investigating.

Police in Stria are investigating Murder and suicide are suspected: Two deaths were discovered on one property.

Officers located the victims A man and a woman – St. In or in front of a single-family house in Stefan ob Leoben around 4:30 p.m., the Styria State Police announced Monday evening.

The man was seen inside the house and the woman outside. The administrator was alerted by the neighbor Shots He had asked.

The police were able to enter the house Two weapons to confirm. It was said on Monday evening that it was not yet clear whether these were murder weapons.

The exact background of the incident and Identity Both deaths are “the subject of ongoing investigations”.

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Styrian State Crime Branch police office has taken over the investigation. According to preliminary results, it could be murder and suicide.

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