Skiing holidaymakers collide in Schladming: three injured

Apart from punches, ski boots were also kicked. According to police, five Danes and three Germans were involved.

Five holidaymakers from Denmark and three from Germany were involved in an altercation in Upper Styria on Monday evening. Schladming Ski Resort Three people were injured, some seriously. A fight broke out in front of a bar around 7:50pm, when a Dane (25) punched a German (36) in the head and kicked the man in the head with a ski boot as he fell to the ground. became Dane ArrestHe shared custody with Wednesday.

The holidaymakers first got into a verbal argument before the 25-year-old Dane attacked the 36-year-old German. The 28-year-old Dane reportedly kicked the German with his ski boots as he passed by. Affected by this Serious injury. Not caring about the wounded man, the two Danes left. After initial treatment, German was transported to a local hospital Diakoniesenkrankenhaus provided.

A 28-year-old Dane is also accused of punching another German, 24, several times. Another Dane, 25, also reportedly slightly injured a 37-year-old German with blows. Both victims were taken to hospital. In no time the main culprit was arrested Manhunt They were arrested and imprisoned in Leopan prison. Two other Scandinavians were announced.

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