Slovenia’s parliament has voted to recognize Palestine

Slovenia recognized Palestine as an independent and sovereign state. Slovenia’s parliament approved the deal with 52 votes in a special session yesterday. The conservative opposition boycotted the vote.

What happened in Parliament delayed the maneuvers of the opposition parties. Just last week, Spain, Ireland and Norway officially recognized an independent Palestinian state.

Postponement “unacceptable”

Parliament met in the afternoon to discuss the government’s decision to recognize Palestine as an independent and sovereign state. After the largest opposition party demanded a referendum on the issue earlier in the day, it was said that it would be debated but not held. The poll should be postponed for at least a month.

Postponing the referendum is not an acceptable option for the ruling coalition, the daily newspaper “Telo” reported. The parties sought a solution in the morning that could be voted on in the evening. First, Parliament was told to decide on the referendum plan before the Palestinian referendum.

Topic of the EU election campaign

The recognition of Palestine is now stirring the EU election campaign in Slovenia. The conservative opposition accuses the coalition parties of using the issue for electoral purposes. However, the coalition criticizes the right-wing conservative SDS for allowing itself to be influenced by Israel.

Former Slovenian Prime Minister Janus Jansa’s party, considered a supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sees Palestine recognition as premature at this point, warning of long-term damage to Slovenia. SDS has criticized the government’s rush to seek recognition in order to score points in European elections.

Important for leftist voters

Some political observers have also suggested that the government has accelerated the accreditation process due to the European elections in order to mobilize its own voters. He originally planned to make a decision by June 13. It cannot be ruled out that SDS’s late maneuvering will further embolden liberal and left-wing voters.

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According to surveys, the majority of public opinion in Slovenia is in favor of recognizing Palestine. As pollster Andraz Zorko emphasized to the Necenzurirano news website, Palestine is an important issue for the left-wing political bloc. “What immigrants are to the right-wing camp, Palestine is to the left,” he said.

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