spusu Vienna Capitals brings Salzburg back to its knees

SPSU Vienna Capitals also won their third clash of the season against EC Red Bull Salzburg. After a goalless first third, Lucas Biff put Cpaitals ahead with a well-placed shot into the top corner (30th). The visitors equalized in the 34th minute, seven seconds before the end of a four-minute power play. In the final third, Matthias Bohm gave the Capitals the lead again with his first goal of the season (47th). Lucas Kynes headed into an empty net in the 60th minute, and Salzburg scored through Ryan Murphy (60th) seconds later.

spusu Vienna Capitals – EC Red Bull Salzburg 3:2 (0:0, 1:1, 2:1)

Tore CAPS: Lukas Piff (30th), Mathias Böhm (47th), Lukas Kainz (60th/EN)

Tor RPS: Peter Hochkofler (34./BB1), Ryan Murphy (60.)

The line-up was married to the Vienna Capitals

Goals: #26 Stephen Stone | #1 Lawrence Withalm

1st line: #91 Dominic Heinrich, #25 Evan Wardley – #13 Trevor Cheek, #89 Roque Tigar, #78 Evan Weinger

2nd line: #5 Dominic Hackl, #33 Seamus Donohue – #19 Lucas Kynes, #24 Hampus Erickson, #18 Carson Twarinski

3rd line: #50 Mario Fischer, #20 Nico Brunner – #8 Matthias Bohm, #10 Patrick Andal, #3 Armin Breiser

4th line: #60 Timo Polier – #53 Leon Wittholm, #37 Christoph Kromp, #2 Lucas Piff

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Married to the Vienna Capitals

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Married to the Vienna Capitals

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