Steyregg: Firefighters injured while fighting fire at asylum house

The fire alarm went off at 10:37 p.m. Wednesday Steyregg Fire Brigade And Lachstadt A. One Trash can at Cohotel A fire broke out in Steyregg in the district of Urfahr-Raum. This hotel is a hostel for youth.

When emergency services arrived, approx 50 enthusiastic youth Firefighting operations were hampered from the accommodation at the scene of the fire.

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The youth harassed the emergency services

Police were called as the youths disturbed the emergency services. Female firefighters in particular were reportedly harassed, so they remained between fire engines under the protection of their male colleagues until the police arrived.

The police came along Seven patrol cars And this Rapid Intervention Group (SIG) at. According to Steyregger, the fire brigade commander broke down when the first patrol arrived Rudolf Breuer The commotion stopped and the trash container was removed.

© Image: FF Steyregg

Some residents were also on the trails of SummerUrban. Due to this, the train connection was disconnected during the operation.

Police have confirmed that no serious incident occurred during the operation. The cause of the fire is currently unknown and investigations are underway.

Not the first incident

The fire brigade had to go to the Cohotel several times in the previous days. Push-button alarms are misfired and there is no fire. “During an operation we were shot down with Christmas decorations,” Breuer says.

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