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A former extra at the Vienna Volksoper is suspected of abuse.
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In Vienna, a former extra at the Volksoper is being investigated on suspicion of abuse.

According to reports, the accused, who worked temporarily at the Volksoper from December 2022 to April 2023, sexually harassed child actors and members of a famous children's choir by contacting them via social media, particularly Instagram. The case came to light after the victim's mother came forward with allegations in early January and filed a complaint on the advice of the Volksoper. The person was immediately banned from entering the house.

The Volksoper Vienna immediately responded to the allegations

The Vienna Volksoper immediately responded to the allegations by taking preventative measures in addition to legal action. The company has appointed child protection officers, conducted regular child protection training and issued a child protection policy. In addition, a workshop on Safe Internet and Behavior in case of Harassment is planned for all members of the Children and Youth Choir.

As part of the investigation, electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and USB sticks were seized during a raid conducted by police in Ottkring. These actions relate to suspicions of initiating sexual contact with minors, possessing child pornography and attempted sexual abuse. The police confirmed the investigation and said that apart from the main suspect, other crimes are also being investigated in the trial phase.

The case caused a sensation in the cultural circles

The case has caused a stir within and beyond the cultural sector, particularly in the context of a wider debate about how to handle suspected cases and prevent abuse. He recalls the case of Viennese actor Florian Teichtmeister, who was given a suspended prison sentence for possessing and altering depictions of child abuse. The case led to intense debate and the adoption of the “Child Protection Package” aimed at strengthening the protection of minors.

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