The FPÖ ORF launched an information website on fee waivers

“If the FPÖ takes over the government, we will abolish the budget tax,” said FPÖ leader Herbert Gikl.

die FPÖ On Wednesday, he again expressed his displeasure with the newcomer ORF contribution declared. “If the FPÖ takes charge of the government, we will cancel the budget tax,” the FPÖ leader confirmed. Herbert Giggle In a broadcast. The FPÖ has set up a website for all those who do not yet know whether their family is exempt from the fee A. The party also submits an application for deferment of ORF contribution and payment of installments.

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On the website of ORF-Beitrags-Service GmbH (OBS; also contains an explanation of the conditions under which households are exempted from ORF contribution. For example, those in receipt of Child Care Allowance, Study/Student Allowance, Apprenticeship Allowance, Maintenance Allowance or Minimum Income are exempt, provided the specified net family income is not exceeded. There is an “Online Deduction Calculator” to check this.

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From January 1 the ORF contribution is 15.30 euros per month and family

ORF contribution must be paid in advance by direct debit authorisation, payment slip, post or online banking. If you opt for a payment voucher, the ORF will inform OBS that the contribution should be transferred all at once. With direct debit authorisation, the amount can be split twice or six times a year.

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From 1 January the ORF contribution is 15.30 euros per month and family. The previous GIS fee of 18.59 euros attached to television and radio sets has been replaced. Sales tax and central taxes which were earlier included in GIS charges are no longer applicable. However, in some federal states, various amounts of state tax are still collected as part of the ORF contribution, which does not benefit the ORF. Secondary residences are exempted from fees and fee exemptions will also apply.

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