The police removed the occupied house on Harmoniegasse in Vienna-Alschrund

According to “ORF”, the Otto Wagner House in Harmoniegasse was evacuated. Activists occupied vacant apartments for weeks.

For two weeks, the Otto Wagner House area has been empty Harmoniegasse In the Alsergrund Headlines. The house is owned by a foundation and is currently managed by the City of Vienna.

On Wednesday afternoon, the city of Vienna finally implemented what it had already announced: The Discharge.

The house has been known for years… Basic alignment required Residents complain that lead pipes are embedded inside the building ToiletsThe pigeons are now nesting and still partially on the porch. 13 of the 16 apartments have been vacant for years, but the funding for renovations is not in the basement.

AHA occupies the house

A conclusion for this reason A group of activists – They call themselves the Collective Autonomous House in Alsergrund (AHA) – to officially occupy the house.

There were windows Posters with inscriptions Like “Empty is worth eating” or “We're staying”. In this way, the activists wanted to focus on the vacancy problem.

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