The U.S. Centers for Disease Control is urging people infected with Covid-19 to return to workplaces and schools.

On Friday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidelines requiring people who are seriously ill with Covid-19 to return to their schools and workplaces to prevent the spread of infection to their colleagues and the public.

The guidance recommends that workers return to work 24 hours after the last flu — a point at which most Covid-19 patients are still actively infectious.

Such instruction has no basis in health care. It pursues two basic goals. The first is to ensure that workers work even if they pose a major threat to the safety of their co-workers and customers in order to make profits for large corporations.

Second, and no less important, the US government, on behalf of the financial oligarchy, is trying to shorten life expectancy and create the conditions for early death by allowing the unhindered spread of Covid-19 among older Americans and the immunocompromised.

The CDC policy change comes at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is circulating at a higher rate than the previous year and all barriers to the spread of the virus have been lifted. Epidemic surveillance was halted after the Biden administration lifted the Covid-19 public health emergency in May of last year, so it can only be determined using wastewater data.

US wastewater data from Biobot Analytics show that current concentrations of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater are higher at this time of year than in other years of the pandemic. [Photo: Wastewater data from Biobot Analytics]

The new CDC guidance links Covid-19 to other viral respiratory illnesses, including seasonal flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and encourages anyone with these pathogens to report to work and resume normal activities for registration.

At least a quarter of working Americans don't have sick leave, which is often spent on their vacation days. In the private sector, only 40 percent of the lowest-paid workers receive sick leave. Employers and managers now rely on CDC guidelines to require employees to come to work sick or be fired.

Every aspect of the new guidelines contradicts known scientific facts about Covid-19: Without testing, patients cannot determine for themselves whether they are infected or not; A large percentage of Covid-19 transmission occurs through asymptomatic patients; Fever is one of a dozen Covid-19 symptoms; And more than 20-40 percent of Covid-19 patients remain infectious after five days, and some for more than a week.

The guidelines are in direct contradiction to the fundamental principles of public health, which aim to control the spread of all pathogens and reduce the burden of morbidity and mortality on society. In lieu of expanded paid sick leave for all workers, as well as mass testing, contact tracing and other basic health measures against Covid-19, influenza and RSV, the CDC reduced its recommendation for isolation for all respiratory viruses to a minimum. No longer recommend testing for Covid-19.

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This is the latest in a series of unscientific policy changes by the CDC that has discredited itself in the eyes of all serious scientists, doctors and anti-Covid activists during the pandemic.

Dr. Lucky Tran, a science communicator at Columbia University, condemned the change in CDC guidelines Forbes: “The CDC guidelines changes are actually the result of political and corporate pressure. This is a dangerous shift against science, encouraging the spread of disease and prioritizing corporate interests, making it easier to exploit workers.

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