The Vienna subway collided with a construction vehicle

It is now clear that no one was seriously injured. Professional rescue service and professional fire brigade are on site with a large team and the operation is underway.

A Serious accident It was Friday evening First District Inside Ween Around 7:30 pm U2-Station Schottentor came A subway train approaching the station area hit a construction vehicle. The smaller construction vehicle was called a rail-mounted construction trailer. “The trains collided at a relatively low speed,” explained fire department spokesman Juergen Figerl.

As usual in such cases, the emergency services responded with one large group A. die Discharge According to the fire department, it happened from both sides. Across the platform and through the tunnel. Until then, the passengers, some of whom sustained minor injuries, had to wait in the damaged carriages for about 30 minutes. “In this incident, 6 people, including the subway driver, sustained minor injuries and were immediately admitted to home care. The driver is currently receiving psychological support from the Wiener Linnen crisis team,” said Wiener Linnen spokesperson Unique de Wilde when asked by the Courier. He said there were 120 passengers on board the train at the time of the accident.

The cause is still not clear

The cause of the accident is still not fully known. Because Modernization work The U2 currently only runs between Seestadt and Schottentor stations. However, Wiener did not initially confirm that Linnion was related to the accident. The exact reason for this will be revealed in the coming days.

Professional Rescue Many emergency vehicles and Emergency physician on the site. Firefighters and police with an additional 18 vehicles and 65 personnel partially closed the loop.

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die Wiener lines Report U2's outage on their homepage. Accordingly, it currently operates only in between Lakeside town on Taborstrasse. The fire brigade is now on the move again as the stricken trains are still on the track and Wiener Linien will remove them from the station area.

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