This is how you can easily create meetings on Zoom

Create meetings on Zoom

After the pandemic, video conferencing has become a part of everyday work life. But many people use them privately to stay in touch with friends or family. Along with groups, “Zoom” is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. Many people will have already received an invitation to a Zoom video chat and have successfully completed their first meetings. The software is ready Computer And Skilled Easy to use even if you have no experience with video chat programs. So, if you want to make appointments in Zoom, you don't need any previous knowledge. We show you how it works in step-by-step instructions.

Attend the meeting

If you want to participate in a Zoom video chat, you'll need an invitation link or meeting ID and (if required) a password.

  • If the connection is not available, log in to the Zoom app.
  • Then go to “Home” and “Add”.
  • Then enter the meeting ID and the name you want to participate in the meeting.
  • Now you can choose whether you want to join with audio or video, and you're ready for a virtual conference.
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