This is how you do your liver good

What does the liver have to do with the functioning of the eyes, heart, kidneys, joints or gonads? All of these organs, and therefore the essential functions of the body, depend on thousands of enzyme systems – and they are built in the liver. If the heaviest organ of the human body, weighing around 1.5 kilograms, is not working properly, it affects the entire body. The liver does its best because it works around the clock on all fronts. It filters unwanted metabolites from food, including alcohol and nicotine, and removes them through the kidneys.

At the same time, the liver stores energy reserves and vitamins, is responsible for the production of blood proteins, bile and fat digestion, as well as the production of protective and clotting substances, enzyme production and more. Liver is a super organ and at the same time a working organ that deserves careful treatment. What can you do for your liver?

She will be grateful if she is not constantly “bothered” by alcohol, nicotine, sweets and bad fats. However, there are foods that support her like oats and lentils. They contain zinc, which helps her regenerate. Useful too. These include chicory, chard, endive, and radish. Their bitter ingredients stimulate liver function.

However, the cynarin in artichokes has a protective effect. The good old liver wrap is always debated. How home remedies actually cure is being scientifically researched. It promotes blood flow to the organ and ensures quick elimination of unwanted substances. Whether serial wrap applications are associated with liver cirrhosis will now be investigated. A study is currently underway at the Berlin Charité, which is testing whether liver capsules help fatigue (fatigue). You can expect the result. Meanwhile, one thing works tirelessly: the liver.

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