Toni Innauer explains: This is how it works between ÖSV and Hirsch

Red-white-blue instead of red-white-red. Ski legend Marcel Hirscher wants to return to the ski circus and compete for the Netherlands, a move that caused both joy and disappointment in many quarters on Wednesday. “It's understandable,” says former ski jumper Toni Innauer, and also talks about possible tensions between the ÖSV and Hirsch.

Marcel Hirscher Now Dutch, perhaps the most surprising news of the day. Almost five years after the Salzburg player ended his active career – temporarily, it turned out – he now wants to get back on the slopes. Since Hirscher no longer skis for the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), ski fans await his return with laughter and teary eyes.

Some fans can feel the pain with the ski jumping legend Tony asked Wednesday in “Heiß Umfehdet”. However, he hopes the Austrians will also cheer on Salzburg in their red, white and blue racing suit.

Bad blood between Hirsch and ÖSV?

The reason Hirscher hasn't decided on a red-white-and-red comeback is because he doesn't want to take resources away from young talent, as he explained in a video message Wednesday. “Good access,” Innauer says. Now between ÖSV and Hirsch bad blood prevails, denying the former great athlete.

“The relationship is good and definitely resilient. We endured a lot together and celebrated victories. That's Austrian sports history.”

Return “the hard way”.

Hirscher wants to get back to skiing for fun and enjoyment. But Innauer doesn't just see fun as the motivation for his sensational comeback: “We have to remember that a Hirscher can do nothing better than skiing. That's the only thing he won't have anywhere else in life.” He says. It “flashes” to him from time to time that he is “still very competitive”.

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But even the Olympic champion will not have an easy road back, says Innayer. Hirscher would drive “perfectly normal” races with “bad starting numbers”. Perhaps the 35-year-old still needs to prove to himself that he can navigate this difficult path, Innauer speculates. From a psychological point of view, Hirscher's comeback after a five-year hiatus is exciting. Hirscher is currently ranked world no Flats 850.

Video: Marcel Hirscher drives to the Netherlands

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