Two women seriously injured in car collision in Upper Austria

A driver stopped his car to pick up a pedestrian. Another driver did not see people on the road.

Two women were seriously injured after being hit by a vehicle while standing on the road in Garston (Stair-Land District) on Friday evening.

A 58-year-old woman stopped her car to pick up a 52-year-old pedestrian. At the time of the accident, the two women were loading the 52-year-old's bags into the trunk of the car, police said.

The following car stopped

When two women went to the back of the 58-year-old's car on Eisenstrasse in the municipality of Karsten around 10pm to load the bags of pedestrians, a driver behind also stopped his car and offered to help. After both women said no, the man wanted to go in his car.

At that moment another car arrived. The 50-year-old driver ignored the women standing on the road and hit the two. Then he hit the rear of the 58-year-old car. Both injured were taken to the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen clinic in Steyr.

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