US: Russian businessman in Vienna to export microelectronics…

Sergey M. Reportedly defying US sanctions against Russian military-industrial complex via Hong Kong. As a result, the United States has added him to the economic sanctions list. Officially she is involved in transportation consulting and beauty consulting.

The United States sanctioned a Russian businessman with ties to Austria on May 1 in connection with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which has been ongoing since 2022. There are allegations of violations of US sanctions against the Russian military-industrial complex via Hong Kong. Sergej M. is an official traffic consultant and beauty consultant in Vienna. did not respond to APA’s inquiries Thursday.

Sanctions against M. are related to a similarly sanctioned Hong Kong company, IPM Ltd., which, according to a report by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), located in the US Treasury Department, sent “hundreds of shipments of microelectronics.” Uniservice, a technology company, was launched by the United States in St. Petersburg. Parts for machine tools were also allegedly transported to Russia. IPM’s director is Sergej M., a Russian citizen living in Austria, who is now listed for a current or former role in the Hong Kong company.

Before its website went offline on Thursday, IPM provided support for logistics issues around the world with “headquarters in Hong Kong and additional offices in Austria and Russia.” There was also frank talk of helping the company complete customs clearance without the risk of sanctions and confiscation.

Business will intensify in 2022

In Austria, now a US-sanctioned Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, the company was the majority shareholder of SAM Transport & Beautyconsulting GmbH until March 2023. These shares were acquired from IBM Ltd by minority shareholder and managing director Sergey M. Based in an obscure apartment building in Vienna’s 8th district, the company deals in both transportation consulting and beauty consulting, according to the company’s registry. However, on the official website they position themselves exclusively as a wholesaler of Korean cosmetics. After very quiet years since the company was founded in 2018, the published annual balance sheets show a massive intensification of the Vienna company’s business activities in 2022 – the corresponding indicators grew by three times or more compared to 2021.

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DSN “initiates investigations if necessary”

This current list includes the sanctions of the US authority OFAC, but the relevant sanctions for the Austrian authorities are found in the relevant EU regulations, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior told APA about the position of the Directorate of State Security and Intelligence (DSN). ), responsible for sanctions issues ). “However, all information indicating potential sanctions evasion will be assessed by the DSN and, if necessary, investigations will be initiated,” he stressed. However, it is not possible for the Austrian authorities to communicate or comment on personal data publicly. (APA)

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