US Secretary of State Blinken in Vienna: Reconciliation State Visit

When already accessing this Federal Chancellery It was clear that this was no other day in the Republic's official seat of power. Dozens of police officers and bodyguards in uniform and civilian clothes demonstrated in Vienna on Friday. Ballhausplatz Took a stand – as well as three Climate protection activists of the “last generation”.He somehow managed to get the entrance to the Presidential Palace right.

The media room inside was also good as the Minister of External Affairs Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) half an hour late at 3:45 pm and its American representative Anthony Blinken arrived

During the press conference, “Dear Tony” and his “friend Alexander” repeatedly confirmed their support for each other. There was always talk of a strong partnership or long friendship between the two countries, not just between the two ministers.

Thanks to Austria's leadership role in the Balkans

They both worked on content Western Balkans On top of that near east up to Ukraine Through geopolitical hotspots in and around Europe. Regarding recent recommendations by the Balkan and EU Commission Accession negotiations with Bosnia-Herzegovina Blinken thanked Schallenberg for his “long-term leadership” in the region. Thanks to Austria, the Western Balkans were prosperous and growing towards Western Europe.

Regarding that War in Gaza No sheets match between the two. Israel's right to respond to Hamas' terrorist attack on October 7 is not in question, but: “Human rights apply to everyone, everywhere” is Schallenberg's message.

Blinken added: Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's announcement Attack on Rafa The south of the Gaza Strip needs a “clear and implementable” plan to secure the area. 1.3 million internally displaced people in the city. So far, no such program has been found.

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No criticism of the Austrian connection with Russia

A possible cause of conflict between the United States and Austria is that, in addition to… Eastern European business of RBIIt came to the attention of the United States, and Ukraine – or, in contrast to other EU countries, Austria still owns a large part of it. Gas from Russia related to

But here too: there is no trace of Blinken's criticism. Europe is currently reducing its energy dependence on Russia “to a degree that no one could have imagined”. Given the fact that this bias has been built up over decades, it is not easy to change it in an instant.

But: “We see many important steps Austria is taking.” Schallenberg reiterated the goal of not buying gas from Russia by 2027.

The end of the Fossil Age is emphasized

The world should anyway Moving away from fossil fuels Accelerate, Blinken said — a message the “last generation” on the doorstep will welcome, at least in principle. But their delegation had already left when Joe Biden's chief diplomat headed to the other side of Ballhausplatz after the press conference. Office of the President For the final visit Alexander van der Bellen gifted

Instead, a group of demonstrators gathered against Israeli military action in Gaza and against its – albeit significantly weakened – support for the United States.

Blinken has already been with the chancellor Carl Nehammer (ÖVP) met. In a broadcast later distributed, the reason for Blinken's visit was his participation in the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs, “focusing on the issue of security, the fight against traffickers and crime. Synthetic drugs.”

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