US Supplies Arms to Israel, Advances in Rafah – Boeing…

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America resupplying Israel with weapons. President Joe Biden’s US government notified Congress on Tuesday of the $1 billion (about 920 million euros) worth of weapons shipments. Congress still needs to approve the weapons package, a US government official said. Meanwhile, Israeli troops continue to push into the refugee-populated town of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip. Last week, US President Biden threatened Israel with a freeze on some weapons in the event of a major attack on the city of Rafah. More on this

Boeing can be sued for: According to the US Department of Justice, aircraft manufacturer Boeing may be sued for two fatal crashes involving the 737 Max aircraft five years ago. The ministry said in a letter on Tuesday that the company had breached its obligations under an agreement to shield Boeing from criminal charges related to plane crashes. More on this

Chief researcher ChatGPT leaves OpenAI: OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutzkever “wants to devote himself to a new project.” “OpenAI wouldn’t exist without him, and was certainly designed by him,” says OpenAI President Sam Altman. More on this

Austria wins 1:6 against Canada in Ice Hockey World Cup: Austria rewarded itself with a stunning comeback against top seed Canada. It looked like everything was decided with a score of 1:6, but then the game turned around and the Austrian team equalized 6:6 and won a historic point in the World Cup A. Losing everything after 15 seconds of overtime, the defending champion won 7:6. More on this

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Only those who lie to the ÖBB can get a seat for children: Children under the age of six can travel free on ÖBB. As a result, the system does not allocate a seat for you. Cheaters are the ones who get the place and write Eva Winroyder. More on this

60 Years of Guest Workers – A Success Story: 60 years ago today, Austria opened its doors to guest workers from Turkey. They came to leave. But they stayed and wrote Coxal Baldaci within it morning glow. More on this

How is the AfD really “right-wing extremist”? A serious legal setback for the far-right party: The German Office for the Protection of the Constitution can continue to monitor the AfD as a “suspected case of right-wing extremism”. German reporter explains what distinguishes AfD from FPÖ and why, despite all the accusations, it can’t be stopped in the next elections Christoph Sotter I am “The Press” – Podcast. More on this

100 years ago today Wrote “New Free Press” about New Finland. More on this

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