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New AI-powered content optimization integrates the most popular posts into search and feed

Zug/Zurich (pts043/05/28/2024/2:20 pm)

  • The new AI-powered content optimization integrates the naoo community’s most popular posts into search and feed
  • Impressions per user +34 percent and feed impressions +50 percent
  • The number of naoo app downloads is growing dynamically: +25 percent since the beginning of the year

The new, unique social media platform naoo is making content more relevant and valuable to its users with two product launches. Measurable effect: naoo is used more intensively and extensively. Significant innovations in the content area are based on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and influence search (Search 2.0) and an enhanced, personalized feed with trending content.

With Search 2.0, naoo offers an advanced search function in a grid view format that allows users to find the most popular posts based on popular content and posts based on their personal interests and user behavior. A new search function combines popular content with interest-based recommendations and naoo loops (short videos) at a glance. The naoo community is obviously excited about the new search functionality. Almost a third of daily active users already use this feature every day and the proportion continues to rise. This results in an initial assessment after one week. Search 2.0 also significantly increases search intensity. A user’s search logs have already increased by 35 percent with Search 2.0, and time spent in the new search feature is growing exponentially.

Another notable content upgrade is the improved naoo feed. It now shows – and is AI-supported – in addition to posts from profiles that follow, it also shows the most popular posts across the entire site, tailored specifically to users’ interests. Preliminary data on the effect of this update also show positive trends: in the week after publishing the new feed, naoo was able to register almost 50% more daily feed impressions compared to the previous week, while impressions per user increased by 34%. This means that users are now significantly more active in the feed that suits their needs.

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The ongoing expansion of the naoo platform has been accompanied by a dynamic growth in user numbers. The number of downloads of the naoo app is currently 25 percent higher than the value at the end of 2024. naoo is currently developing new features and further increasing the awareness of the site.

Carl Fleetwood, chief operating officer of naoo, says: “It seems we’ve cracked the code. Our users spend more time on naoo every day and see great, authentic content tailored specifically for them. Thanks to our unique points system that systematically rewards good content, we’re a social We have achieved a unique position in media platforms. Accordingly, we expect our growth to continue dynamically.”

Gabriel Hoehner, Chief Product Officer adds: “We are excited about the progress made with recent product releases. naoo will be fast, enjoyable and personalized. We are currently working on a product that will allow all of our users to connect with other users based on specific shared interests or other similarities. The new way, the new product is locally known as ‘Super Recommendation’.”

About Naoo AG

naoo AG develops and operates a Swiss social application that has all the main features of well-known social networks, but also offers unique additional functions.

For example, naoo brings people together based on their interests and preferences (“making friends”) and deepens existing relationships by comparing these interests among individual users (“staying friends”). With the naoo point system, naoo wants to thank its users for their dedication and allow them to share in the site’s success. naoo awards points for daily actions like posts, likes, follows, inviting friends or answering questions. Your business customers can publish offers on the platform tailored to users’ unique needs and encourage them to visit their business locations by offering naoo points. naoo points can be redeemed for cash, inter alia, subject to availability of relevant vouchers. The core idea is that naoo users will always be rewarded for their attention and engagement on the platform. naoo is based in Zug, Switzerland and employs a team of twelve. The naoo app is available on the App Store for IOS or the Android version on the Play Store.

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naoo AG is located at Baarerstrasse 21 in Zug/Switzerland.

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