Various aspects of workplace safety –


The safety event “Safe Working Day” in Klagenfurt brings together experts to discuss safety aspects in the workplace. From ergonomic office chairs to fire prevention, the topics are varied and always current.

The topic of safety in the workplace is constantly evolving. Employers should ensure that the conditions are met so that they do not have to face the consequences of liability issues. It is checked by labor inspectors.

Focus on PV systems

Their focus this year in Carinthia is the planning and construction of photovoltaic systems. “Now there are workers who work at heights who don’t have traditional roofing jobs, like electricians who are typically not trained as roofers or roof plumbers,” explained Thomas Kfrehrer, head of the Labor Inspectorate’s technical occupational safety department. Its purpose is to train employees to work with appropriate safety equipment.

Avoid work accidents

Roof work or office work – the employer is obliged to check the legal regulations every five years to avoid any risk of liability, says Hans Zwinger, head of the special committee of the Chamber of Commerce: “Imagine, we are in an industry. Company, we are in fully interconnected systems, also in automated systems. , of course they should be checked and tested, and workplaces should always be designed to be safe for employees.Motto: Everyone should always come home safe and sound.” Because every work accident is one too many.

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